Research and Development for Emerging Technologies: Part 1


The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will be highlighting a select group of advanced water resource recovery system projects recently awarded by DOE totaling $27.5 million. 

These projects are led by teams from universities, water utilities, manufacturers, national laboratories, and small and minority-owned businesses, and will help provide sustainable water sources and affordable treatment options to industry, municipalities, agriculture, utilities, and the oil and gas sector. A complete list of the selected projects is available here.

David Jassby, PhD, Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Jeffrey McCutcheon, PhD, Professor, University of Connecticut
Jose Bolorinos, PhD Student, Stanford University
Ganesh Rajagopalan, PhD, P.E., BCEE, Vice President/Applied Research Group Manager/Resource Recovery Practice Leader, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Haiqing Lin, PhD, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo
Benjamin Bostick, Associate Research Professor, Columbia University

Christobel Ferguson, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, The Water Research Foundation
Melissa Klembara, Senior Technical Advisor (acting), Advanced Manufacturing Office, U.S. Department of Energy