Removal of Nutrients and Trace Organic Contaminants in StorRemoval of Nutrients and Trace Organic Contaminants in Stormwater Treatment Systems mwater Treatment Systems

Jul 11, 2019
This webcast explored the results of Enhanced Removal of Nutrient and Trace Organic Contaminants in Pilot-Scale Stormwater Treatment Systems (project #4567). The objective of this study was to provide guidance on the design and operation of systems for controlling nutrient and trace organic contaminant releases to surface waters. The work included replicate column studies in the field and the laboratory using various media in different combinations. The goal was to inform the design of cost-effective and sustainable urban stormwater management systems to control pollution and cleanse stormwater for use. This study supports the larger vision of development of modular, unit-process stormwater capture, treatment, and recharge (CTR) systems that incorporate the latest developments in natural systems-based pollution control technologies.

The webcast discussed the tested stormwater treatment modules with different media using urban runoff from a watershed in Sonoma, California. The work included spiking stormwater with trace organic contaminants that may be found in urban runoff. The findings demonstrate a successful approach to controlling nitrate and trace organics in urban runoff with woodchips and biochar in combination. This advances the concept of stormwater CTR systems to achieve co-benefits of flood control, groundwater recharge, and water quality improvement.

This project was funded in partnership with the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.