Pepper Mild Mottle Virus: A Plant Pathogen with a Greater Purpose in Microbial Water Quality Analyses

Jun 23, 2019
Viruses in domestic wastewater present significant threats to public health, but are poorly represented by the traditional fecal indicator bacteria used to measure pathogen removal in (waste)water treatment and fecal pollution in surface waters. In this webcast, the presenter discussed the use of the plant pathogen pepper mild mottle virus as an enteric virus surrogate. Pepper mild mottle virus enters the wastewater stream through human consumption of pepper products and is among the most abundant viruses identified in sewage today. Our speakers focused on the research development of pepper mild mottle virus to measure virus removal in wastewater treatment and the presence of enteric viruses in potentially contaminated surface waters. In addition, the presenter discussed the potential for application of pepper mild mottle virus in wastewater treatment and water quality monitoring.