Hospital Wastewater Practices and Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Water

Jun 9, 2019
Project Update
  • The research team continues working on the literature review to evaluate the current regulatory status for controlling discharges of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) of chemical and microbial origin in hospitals’ wastewater, the wastewater treatment technologies currently employed at the healthcare facilities, and best available technologies for managing CECs in hospitals’ wastewater (Task 1).
  • The research team is completing the analysis of samples collected in two hospitals and their receiving water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). This effort (Task 2) is aimed at conducting a limited evaluation of the occurrence of selected chemical CECs and antibiotic resistance genes, for ultimately outlining a basic cost comparison between treating these CECs at the hospital or the WRRF. Samples from hospital effluent and the influent and effluent from the WRRF were collected. The two systems monitored are representative of two scenarios identified through surveys (number of responses: 28 from WRRFs and 12 from hospitals) during Task 1:
    • Small WRRF with large contribution from hospital effluent to daily flow (average daily flow of 5.5 MGD with 4% of it from the hospital)
    • Large WRRF with small contribution from hospital effluent to daily flow (average daily flow of 114 MGD with 9 hospitals contributing 0.9%)

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