Evaluation of Fouling Characteristics and Cleaning Efficacy of Bespoke Membrane Filtration Systems Treating Ozonated Secondary Effluent

Project Update

The pilot began running in October of 2018 with the first set of three membranes: Toray HFS2020-N, Scinor SMT600-P50, and Scinor SMT600-P72. All three modules were operated at 25 gfd for a period of one week, and the Toray module was then lowered to a flux of 20 gfd due to reaching high transmembrane pressure (TMP). The Scinor modules were increased to 30 gfd after two and a half weeks. All three modules were then reduced to 20 gfd in anticipation of poor feed water quality. The modules are currently still operating at 20 gfd flux. Due to delays, the team began testing later than anticipated and only has five weeks of data. The pilot test will continue to run until two consecutive filtration runs without exceeding the maximum TMP are achieved.

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