Evaluating Risk Management Frameworks and Tools, and Their Application for Managing Source Water Risks in the United States

Jun 9, 2019
Project Update

During this project period, the research team has been developing guidance for utility implementation of the Source Water Risk Management (SWRM) Framework. The approach reflects a generalized risk management framework (drawn from ISO 31000, and also known as the “Australian/New Zealand Standard” [AS/NZS 4360:2004 and 2009]) as defining the overarching steps of an iterative process. Within this overarching framework (in which the key steps may be seen as similar to a menu with headings defining a series of dinner courses: appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.), various options and templates are offered for helping to execute each step. Continuing with the dinner menu analogy, the suggested implementation approaches are akin to the choices on the main menu for theappetizer course, main entrée, dessert, etc.

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