Dr. Kartik Chandran and Students at Columbia University

Jun 25, 2019

This presentation spotlights the work that is done by Dr. Kartik Chandran and his Ph.D. students at the Columbia University lab.

  • Nationwide Meta-Omics Survey of Denitrifying Microbial Communities in Wastewater Treatment Systems (U3R12)
  • Stabilization of Main Plant Nitritation/Denitritation Performance (U4R12)
  • Sustainable BNR Using Mainstream Deammonification (STAR_N2R14)
  • Nitrification Inhibition (NUTR5R14a)
  • Recovering High Value Carbon Products from Wastestreams (NTRY4R14)
  • Impacts of Low-Energy and Low-Carbon Nitrogen Removal Technologies on Bio-P and Nutrient Resource Recovery (NTRY13R16)
  • 2010 Paul L. Busch Award Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Video