Capital Funding Imperatives: Best Practices for Identifying, Prioritizing, Funding, and Resourcing Capital Improvement Programs

This webcast focused on Capital Funding Imperatives: Best Practices for Capital Improvement Programs (project 4493). The objective of this project was to advance the state of knowledge and resources available to utilities in advancing priority capital projects from concept to execution stage. The six focus areas related to the capital funding process addressed by the project include:
  1. ​Balancing system development needs with infrastructure renewal needs 
  2. Program implementation approaches and systems
  3. Business case evaluations
  4. Prioritization of projects and initiatives
  5. Increasing stakeholder involvement and customer research (in planning/prioritization and also in program implementation)
  6. Capital program funding approval and resourcing processes
​During the webcast, Principal Investigator Mike Matichich and Project Manager Fair Yeager described the following:
  • ​How the project team, including 24 participating utilities, selected the six focus areas
  • The research process that was used
  • Key findings, including cross-cutting themes for the six focus area topics
  • How utilities can utilize the project deliverables 
​The webcast also featured case studies from participating utilities for two of the six focus areas:
  • ​​Timothy Noyes from Toho Water Authority described the evolution of TWA’s approaches and tools for capital improvement plan prioritization in order to meet evolving priorities and needs of the utility.  
  • Martin Tower from Austin Water described how enhancements to capital funding approval and resourcing approaches have resulted in greater efficiency and stakeholder value.​