Anticipating Trade-Offs of Using Alternative Water Supplies

Jun 9, 2019
Project Update

Phase 1. Information Collection

  • Task 1.1 Develop Literature Review - A report was drafted to provide background and context on alternative water supplies to workshop participants so that all attendees have general knowledge heading into the workshop. This report was sent to the PAC for review. Comments from the PAC are currently being addressed and incorporated.
  • Task 1.2 Conduct Utility Survey - A survey on utility experience with evaluating the trade-offs of alternative water supplies has been distributed through multiple avenues. As of Friday, May 28th, 368 survey responses have been received. Once the survey is closed, the results will be summarized into a review for the PAC. The team will incorporate survey results into the advanced materials to be distributed to workshop attendees in early July.
  • Task 1.3 Conduct One-on-One Interviews and Develop Case Studies - This task is in progress. Six entities have been identified for the development of case studies and will be invited to participate in one-hour one-on-one interviews. The agencies approached will cover the range of alternative water supply types, geographies, and entities (i.e., public and private). These case studies will be completed within the next four to six weeks. Draft case study summaries will be provided as an interim deliverable prior to the expert workshop in July.

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