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Disinfection is crucial because it prevents the transfer of pathogenic constituents to the environment. As public concerns around preventing the spread of communicable diseases (e.g., salmonella, norovirus, zika, etc.) begin to result in stricter regulatory, safety, and security requirements, the whole of the water industry will need to proactively respond. 

The Disinfection Focus Group has been created to bring together utility owner/operators with a vested interest in the disinfection space. The group seeks to understand common barriers and challenges while seeking out innovations in both practice and technologies that advance the state of the industry. It serves as a regular discussion forum to convene experts in the field as facilities seek to better protect public and environmental health. It serves drinking water, wastewater, source water, and water reuse practitioners.

Chair: Jeff Prevatt, Deputy Director, Pima County

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Resources & Events

Disinfection Conference Call: 04/08/2020


This call provided a presentation on COVID-19 and Its Impact on Utility Policies, reviewed a proposal on Understanding Natural Dechlorination, and collected responses from attendees.

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