Aquatic plants in a laboratory
Project #1123

Web-based Biosolids Odor Reduction Roadmap (BORR) Tool

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Daniel M. Woltering, Ph.D.
Odor Control


The Biosolids Odor Reduction Roadmap (BOOR) tool incorporates the following features: WERF Wastewater Biosolids Odor Reduction Reports – Allows the user to download complete text files of the following WERF reports related to Biosolids Odor Reduction: Phase II - Identifying and controlling the Municipal Wastewater Odor Environment Phase 2: Impacts of In-Plant Operational Parameters on Biosolids Odor Quality (00-HHE-5T) Phase III - Identifying and controlling the Municipal Wastewater Odor Environment Phase 3: Biosolids Processing Modifications for Cake Odor Reduction (03-CTS-9T) Phase IVa – Evaluation of Aluminum and Iron Addition During Conditioning and Dewatering for Odor Control (03-CTS-9a) Phase IVb – Effect of Aluminum and Iron on Odors, Digestion Efficiency and Dewatering Properties (03-CTS-9b) Wastewater Biosolids Odor Reduction Literature Database Search – Allows the use r to search via keyword, author, or publication title through 100+ abstracts with links to the full texts of selected WERF publications for additional details on potential specific odor solutions. Biosolids Odor Reduction Roadmap decision tool – Consists of decision matrix guidance for general odor management options based on user “yes/no” responses to a series of 8 questions. Includes 16, distinct responses for general odor management options. Details on specific odor management options are available in reports located through the literature database search option. The Roadmap tool is structured to provide access to report content generated by the WERF research teams as well as to supplementary material available to WERF subscribers. The structure is interactive to make the content readily accessible to users of varying backgrounds and expertise

As of February 2020, the web tool is no longer available.

Originally funded as WERF project 03-CTS-9C.