Project #4851

Support of Data Analysis and Standardization Task for the CLASIC Project, Through the "International Stormwater BMP Database"

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Harry Zhang, Ph.D., PE
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Green Infrastructure


This document provides an overview of the database structure of Stormwater Best Management Practices, including tables and fields for storing maintenance records and a narrative description of the cost reporting parameters. The objective of this effort is to improve the basis for recommended BMP maintenance activities and frequencies, as well as whole lifecycle cost estimation. The report provides recommendations for standardized O&M activity and cost tracking protocols for use by local governments and a tool to enable better understanding of types of maintenance activities and frequencies necessary for various BMP types. Published by WRF. 40 pages. Online PDF. (2018)

Originally funded as WERF project SIWM22T17.