Project #4731

Optimizing Biofiltration (BAF) and Integrating BAF Into Existing Treatment

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Hyunyoung Jang
Carollo Engineers
Advanced Treatment


Over the last decade, considerable research has been done to advance the science and engineering of surface water biofiltration. This Tailored Collaboration project with the City of Columbus will combine much of this research into the most extensive full-scale biofiltration optimization and integration demonstration conducted to date.

The City of Columbus operates biofiltration at both of their surface water plants independently from the balance of the plants, and until the recent WRF #4620 project, biofiltration-specific monitoring strategies have been limited to occasional water quality measurements, and the associated biofiltration control philosophy centers around filtration/turbidity only. This project will perform a holistic optimization of the biofiltration process to (1) enhance biofilter performance, and (2) understand how biofiltration can be most efficiently integrated with upstream processes without diminishing turbidity removal performance.

Tailored Collaboration Partner: City of Columbus (Ohio).