Project #1196

Long-term Study on Landscape Irrigation Using Household Graywater - Experimental Study

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Jeff C Moeller
Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Water Quality
Reuse: Nonpotable
Reuse: Agricultural


The objective of this project was to study the potential long-term impacts of landscape irrigation with household graywater on plant health and soil quality. The project also provides much needed experimental data to fill gaps in knowledge. This interim report presents results to date based on data collected from four homes that have had graywater irrigation systems in place from five years to 31 years at the time of sampling. The results reported in the report are from 18 months of data collection. Interpretation of results may change as more data becomes available as the project progresses through spring of 2012. Published by WERF. 26 pages. Online PDF. (2010)

Originally funded as WERF project 06-CTS-1COb.