Project #4974

Holistic Approach to Improved Nutrient Management: Phase 1

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Harry Zhang, Ph.D., PE
HDR, Inc.
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Water Quality
Source & Receiving Waters


Clean water agencies, regulatory agencies, and watershed stakeholders are searching for innovative approaches and best practices to address water quality challenges due to nutrient enrichment. Through a series of interactive workshops in three different geographic regions, this project will develop a research road map and action items to advance a holistic approach to improved nutrient management that fosters innovation and new opportunities. Such approaches could include adaptive management, collaborations and water quality trading, innovative permitting frameworks that facilitate compliance, and incentives as a catalyst for progress. The goal will be to focus on approaches that may be applied nationally and tailored to address unique water quality improvement needs and varying watershed contributions from point and nonpoint sources.

The three workshops were originally planned to be in-person workshops in the western (San Francisco Bay area), eastern (Philadelphia), and central regions (Iowa) of the United States. These workshops have been modified to be webcasts, which were conducted on March 19, 2020, hosted by the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA); June 4, 2020, hosted by Philadelphia Water Department; and September 17, 2020, hosted by Iowa Soybean Association and City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Overall, this study covers a holistic approach to both urban and agricultural nutrient management issues, with an overarching goal to develop a research roadmap, which outlines innovative approaches and best practices for holistic nutrient management on a national scale.