Project #1412

Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool (GELCAT) and Use Manual: Version 2.0

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Lauren Fillmore M.S.
The Water Research Foundation
Energy Optimization


The Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool (GELCAT) is a Microsoft Excel-based screening tool that can be used to determine the economic viability and energy and environmental benefits/costs of selected renewable energy technologies at wastewater treatment facilities. The original 2012 version of GELCAT evaluated the economic, energy, and environmental benefits of selected renewable electric generating technologies as a preliminary screening of opportunities. The original tool provided background information on selected renewable energy technologies which include solar, wind, and hydropower. In collaboration between the Water Research Foundation and WE&RF, the GELCAT tool was updated to include microhydro power and geothermal heat pumps. The user’s manual provides information on how to use the GELCAT software. 81 pages. Online PDF and Microsoft Excel®-based screening tool. (2016)

As of December 2023, the web tool has been discontinued.

Originally funded as WERF project ENER3C12T.