Aquatic plants in a laboratory
Project #1122

Effect of Aluminum and Iron on Odors, Digestion Efficiency, and Dewatering Properties

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Daniel M. Woltering, Ph.D.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Odor Control


This research project resulted in a three-part project which features a Biosolids Odor Reduction Roadmap that can be used to access pertinent information related to biosolids odor reduction, including prior WERF reports and a literature database is searchable using keywords. The Roadmap is accessed through the WERF website and includes a decision tool that helps users identify more specific responses to biosolids odor problems. Also included are the latest recommendations and guidance for applying metal salts in the field for controlling biosolids odors, reducing polymer demand, and a better understanding of the impact of shear at various points in the treatment process on odor production. Published by WERF. 118 pages. Soft Cover reports, online PDF and web-based tool. (2010) Online PDF below includes both 03CTS9a and 03CTS9b.

Originally funded as WERF project 03-CTS-9B.