Project #1744

Agricultural Best Management Database (AgBMPDB): Version 2.0 Data Summary

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Harry Zhang, Ph.D., PE
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Water Quality


This report summarizes the agricultural BMP performance data available in the second release of the Agricultural Best Management Practice Database (AgBMPDB) and provides performance characterization updates, expanding on the initial data summary release. The Agricultural Best Management Practice Database (AgBMPDB), as an integral part of International Stormwater BMP Database, is intended to be a centralized repository of agricultural BMP performance studies to provide scientifically based information on practices that reduce pollutant loading from agricultural sites. It includes performance data and metadata that document the many field-based and practice-based variables that affect BMP performance. The long-term goal of the AgBMPDB is to provide agricultural advisors, planners, consultants, and producers with information that assists in the operations and improvements in agricultural BMP design and implementation. Published by WE&RF. 50 pages. Online PDF. (2017)

Originally funded as WERF projects SIWM15T16 and SIWM14T16.