Our Mission

Advancing the science of water to improve the quality of life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage exclusively in nonprofit, charitable, and educational activities designed to initiate, supervise, coordinate, promote, and finance research in the technology, operation, and management of water, wastewater, reuse and stormwater collection, treatment and supply systems, towards ensuring water quality and improving water service to the public.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the definitive research organization that advances the science of all things water to better meet the evolving needs of our subscribers and the water sector.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability in our interactions with each other, subscribers, and partners.


We establish the vision, inspire actions, and cultivate collaborations to address the most critical issues in service to the water sector.


We value diversity and treat others with professionalism, kindness, and understanding.


We create an environment that nurtures creativity and allows for new ideas to flourish and be evaluated.


We proactively engage people and organizations in order to effectively and efficiently achieve our mission.

Our Approach

Using a collaborative approach, we pool resources from nonprofits, consulting firms, manufacturers and technologists, universities, government agencies, and public and private utilities around the world to capitalize on expertise and produce trusted, actionable water research and innovative solutions. We identify, prioritize, fund, manage, and communicate research and innovation that address the most pressing needs of the water sector in an integrated and holistic manner.

With a highly experienced staff; established agile management processes; and access to world-class researchers; our approach leverages investments, mitigates risk, and taps into a body of knowledge that ensures the best possible decision making. This allows us to leverage resources, develop solutions, and provide timely results to the widest audience. Once the research is complete, we continue to advance science through the use of multi-media platforms for effective outreach.

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