Quick Wash

Jun 14, 2019
Michael W. Schmid

Renewable Nutrients’ Quick Wash® system recovers phosphorus from human and animal waste solids, and allows low-phosphorus biosolids to be tailored to suit the needs of specific crops and/or geographic regions. The system solubilizes any available phosphorus not already in solution, and subsequently removes and recovers the phosphorus from a given wastestream via precipitation in the form of calcium-phosphate. The system not only helps municipal and industrial facilities to better manage their phosphorus loads, but it also addresses the depletion of phosphorus as a critical resource. Recovery of phosphorus from wastestreams, using technology like Quick Wash, serves to reduce or even eliminate the continued depletion of our global phosphorus reserves.

Quick Wash Mobile Pilot Unit

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?

  • Removes and recovers more than 95% of phosphorus from wastestreams.
  • Enables facilities to meet strict phosphorus discharge limits.
  • Reduces or eliminates phosphorus recycle loads.
  • Reduces costs associated with chemicals for phosphorus removal.
  • Allows for the reduction of chemical sludge.
  • Reduces or eliminates struvite scaling.
  • Reduces biosolids disposal costs.
  • Allows for the production and monetization of valuable calcium phosphate.
  • Provides a beneficial use of calcium phosphate byproduct.

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

Yes, the technology has been trialed at multiple municipal facilities, mainly on the east coast. It has also been trialed in animal agriculture operations and at an industrial facility.

Quick Wash Process Flow

What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?

Next steps include full-scale implementation at a municipal wastewater facility(s), and continuing pilot operations at interested treatment plants.


LIFT has provided a forum from which industry professionals can collectively review and collaborate on the Quick Wash technology. It has also provided a credible layer of peer review, which has helped to fast-track industry acceptance of this relatively new phosphorus recovery system.
Michael W. Schmid
Chief Marketing & Operations Officer
Renewable Nutrients, LLC



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