Opti RTC

Jun 17, 2019

Opti is a cloud technology platform for real-time environmental monitoring and control of civil infrastructure. Opti’s flagship product, OptiNimbus, provides intelligent stormwater retention based on precipitation forecasts and on site sensor data. OptiNimbus automatically controls the timing of stormwater releases into a combined sewer, reducing the peak flow in the sewer system and helping to mitigate combined sewer overflows.

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?

Most existing infrastructure handles stormwater passively, resulting in a range of environmental impacts. Passive infrastructure is typically sized to achieve performance for a targeted event or some average performance over the long-term. As a result, passive systems often behave poorly. OptiNimbus is always watching the weather forecast and dynamically controls stormwater infrastructure to limit wet-weather discharges to combined sewers regardless of the storm size. OptiNimbus is a low-cost, high-impact retrofit solution – providing intelligent active controls to previously passive systems as an alternative to expensive new stormwater infrastructure construction.

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented to date?

Opti has been successfully deployed on over 50 active projects across the United States, from Washington, D.C. to California. Recent implementations of OptiNimbus include Intelligent Rainwater Harvesting at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Active Hydromodification for a new subdivision outside of Portland, Oregon. From small test sites with partner universities to commercial implementations controlling millions of gallons of stormwater, Opti is watching the weather 24/7 to keep our water clean and our cities safe.

What are the next steps needed to advance your technology?

TAfter demonstrating the value of Opti through years of research and testing, Opti has shifted to commercial implementation of our core products. We believe the most valuable impact of OptiNimbus will be realized once there are hundreds of systems deployed within one watershed. While one or two implementations in a city provides an immediate benefit to the property owner, the true impact of Opti will be achieved once deployed on a wide scale throughout a municipal watershed.

How has LIFT helped, or how can LIFT help?

WERF and EPA provided support and resources for an evaluation of the underlying technologies and approaches that are being deployed on Opti through a research project titled Transforming Our Cities: High Performance Green Infrastructure. This research provided a vital connection between theory and practice that bolstered the deployment of OptiNimbus as a commercial solution. Opti enables a shift in stormwater management from passive to active controls in a way that was not previously possible. Using active controls on existing and new stormwater infrastructure will dramatically reduce the cost of solving our nation's stormwater management problems. WERF has always encouraged collaboration, innovation, and results, and by working together, we are excited to introduce Opti to new clients as an optimized solution for stormwater management.

For more information visit www.OptiRTC.com.