Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District

Jun 14, 2019
Irene Huang

What new technologies have you been evaluating or implementing?

The Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD) is currently installing a biogas fueling station at the District's wastewater treatment plant and a backup natural gas fueling station at one of the District's sewage pump stations. The project will utilize two 65 kW microturbines to generate power and heat to heat digesters at the plant in addition to providing biogas to the District fueling station. The biogas will be used for the District’s maintenance trucks.

Aqua Engineering is designing District's Secondary Treatment Upgrades project, which will incorporate Westech STM-Aerotors. The Westech STM-Aerotor has the advantage of fixed-growth media and traditional activated sludge, but it is much more energy efficient than traditional activated sludge.

What technologies are you interested in investigating?

The District is interested in testing algae removal technology and horizontal levees to protect District facilities from impacts of sea level rise and storm surge.


What are your facility’s drivers/needs?

To be in compliance with NPDES permit, BAAQMD, regional water board, and other regulatory agencies.


How has LIFT helped, or how would you like LIFT to help your facility?

We hope the LIFT program will get the word out on the many innovative projects that the District has implemented or is in the process of implementing.


If there is one technology you could pilot or collaborate on tomorrow, what would it be?

We would like to pilot test algae removal for our secondary effluent storage ponds for the possibility of feeding concentrated algae into our digesters to generate more biogas.


Irene Huang
Assistant Engineer
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District