Hydro MicroScreen™

Jun 14, 2019
Anthony Kolanko

What is your technology?

The Hydro MicroScreen™ is a low-energy, small-footprint rotating belt screen that delivers exceptional solids removal from industrial process water and wastewater, maintaining efficiency even at peak design flow rates. It enables industrial plants to increase efficiency and save money by decreasing energy and chemical use, minimizing maintenance costs, reducing power requirements for energy intensive downstream processes, reducing solids handling and disposal costs or recovering materials to be converted into energy.

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?

  • Reduces footprint: 80% smaller than conventional clarification systems, 60% smaller than DAF, three times the capture of drum screens.
  • Helps to meet discharge limits in less space: Captures more TSS (up to 90%, typically 60-70%), BOD (up to 50%, typically 30-40%), FOG, and other particulates.
  • Reduces solids handing: Reduces the cost of solids handling and disposal without chemicals or air, including the reuse of captured waste as a secondary revenue stream.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime: Cuts the time and cost required to maintain treatment equipment against traditional technologies.

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

The Hydro MicroScreen™ has been demonstrated and subsequently installed across a range of applications in North America and the UK. The Hydro MicroScreen™ has reduced surcharge fees, increased operational capacity, and provided ROIs as low as six months in the paper and pulp industry, particleboard manufacturing, wineries, tanneries, breweries, and food processing facilities.

What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?

The next steps in the advancement of the technology is to add complementary processes for solids handling that increases the viability of using the product in a wider range of specific industrial applications.


LIFT can help by proving information on industrial markets where solids liquids separation, surcharge and maintenance reduction, and protecting downstream process capacity is of concern to operational personnel.
Anthony Kolanko
Hydro International Industrial Product Manager
Hydro MicroScreen™


Anthony Kolanko
Hydro International Industrial Product Manager – Hydro MicroScreen™
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