CHAR Technologies Ltd.

Sep 11, 2020
Andrew White

What is your technology?

CHAR Technologies Ltd. (“CHAR”) (YES -TSXV) High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology heats feedstocks to temperatures as high as 900°C (1,600°F) in an oxygen-free environment, where the material undergoes pyrolysis a non-combustion conversion process. Outputs from the system includes proprietary biocarbon products, excess heat, and pyrolysis gas which can be used to generate energy directly, or upgraded to syngas or renewable natural gas:

  • Biocarbon Products: CHAR has patented biochar products, including ‘SulfaCHAR’ and activated carbon and ‘CleanFyre’, a solid biofuel. CleanFyre is a sustainable replacement for coal. Additionally, biocarbon can be used as biochar, a soil and fertilizer enhancer.

  • The pyrolysis kiln generates surplus heat, which can be recovered to pre-dry feedstocks and be applied for other onsite heating requirements.
  • Pyrolysis gas generated from the process can be used for multiple applications. The pyrolysis gas is treated to provide the thermal energy requirements of the pyrolysis system as part of a closed loop, and excess pyrolysis gas (primarily carbon monoxide and hydrogen), can be used to generate additional energy onsite, or even upgraded to renewable natural gas.


What are the benefits of implementing your technology?

  • Contaminant/PFAS removal: CHAR has tested the application of pyrolysis for biosolids, which effectively eliminated 28 EPA -recognized PFAS compounds at temperatures above 700°C.
  • Reduce Mass: Reduces organics waste mass by up to 90%.
  • Carbon Negative: Reduces net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Energy Generation: Pyrolysis gas fuels the system, and generates excess energy that can be used for a variety of applications, including power generation, onsite thermal requirements, or upgraded to renewable natural gas.
  • Value-Add Outputs: Low-value organic waste streams are converted into high-value biocarbon products, including biochar (soil/fertilizer additive), activated carbon replacement, or biocoal to replace fossil-based coal.                                  


Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

In 2018, CHAR commissioned the only commercial-scale high-temperature pyrolysis system in North America capable of converting a number of challenging organic wastes into value-added biocarbons and syngas.  The system is capable of processing 1 tonne per hour of feedstock material and is based on a system that has over 100 deployments globally in an adjacent industry (mining).  CHAR’s High-Temperature Pyrolysis technology was developed to convert digestate, biosolids, and other organic waste streams into value-add outputs. CHAR’s proprietary pyrolysis system was installed at a large biogas facility in London, Ontario. One of the goals of the pyrolysis system is to showcase the conversion of feedstocks, like anaerobic digestate and biosolids, into patented products like ‘Cleanfyre’ and ‘SulfaCHAR Zero Waste’. The second goal of the system is to test new feedstocks including biosolids, manure, and energy crops to develop new biocarbons and projects that convert low-value waste streams into renewable and valuable outputs.


What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?

  • CHAR’s HTP technology is fully commercialized and ready to be deployed and will require a “first-mover” to bring CHAR’s High-Temperature Pyrolysis Technology as the first large-scale installation that converts low-value biosolids into renewable energy and high-value biocarbons.
  • Large industrial and environmental organizations need to recognize pyrolysis as a well-established technology that can change the value equation for challenging/contaminated organic waste streams like digestate and biosolids.
  • Upcoming reports from CHAR showcasing the PFAS destruction capabilities of high-temperature pyrolysis.
  • Recognition of the carbon intensity benefits of using pyrolysis to either manage anaerobic digestate or biosolids for facilities producing renewable natural gas.


LIFT has given CHAR the platform to showcase the technology and engage with the technology and thought leaders in the industry.
Andrew White
CEO of CHAR Technologies & President of CharTech Solutions
CHAR Technologies Ltd.



Andrew White

CEO of CHAR Technologies & President of CharTech Solutions

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