Jun 14, 2019
Nicole Beck, PhD

What is your technology?

2Nform municipal home screen to help plan, execute and manage MS4 permit compliance.

2Nform is a purpose-built web-based software platform for direct use by municipal stormwater managers to make MS4 permit compliance more efficient and their actions more effective. Developed by stormwater experts, 2Nform has been developed to improve monitoring, tracking, evaluation and reporting of municipal stormwater programs throughout the U.S.   

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?

  • Municipal programs can save thousands annually on MS4 permit compliance.
  • Municipal programs and staff collect better data more efficiently while directly meeting regulatory permit requirements.
  • Peer-reviewed quantification of volume and pollutant load reductions provides real-time insights to the environmental return of program actions.
  • The performance-based approach assists cities with setting realistic expectations associated with their contributions to local TMDLs.
  • The geospatial framework and standardize terminology greatly improves communication and collaboration within and across regional stormwater programs.
  • As an Esri emerging business partner, municipalities can leverage existing GIS data and any existing Esri products to optimize stormwater asset management.
  • Regulators are granted read-only access to saved municipal records, reducing the time and cost of annual report compilation and making regulatory evaluation of program progress more efficient.
  • Forecasting functions inform where priority stormwater control opportunities exist to ensure future investments effectively reduce urban impacts on local waterways.
    ​Geospatial integration of stormwater asset management and pollutant control opportunities. City of Salinas structural BMP inventory (green BMPs performing as intended, red need maintenance) overlain on pollutant opportunity map where darker brown catchments contributed relatively higher annual urban pollutant loads to respective receiving water. ​

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

Released in January 2017, over 40 California MS4 permitees have adopted 2Nform to better manage NPDES permit compliance. The size of the current municipal users ranges from populations of 3,000 to over 150,000 with varying MS4 specific permits. 2Nform has been purpose-built to capture the intent of the MS4 permit requirements by helping programs focus on strategic implementation of limited resources to implement effective actions to protect local waterways. The technology applicable to any MS4 program across the country.

What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?

Opportunity to pilot 2Nform with regional stormwater programs beyond California. Regulatory stormwater leaders throughout the country are supportive of 2Nform and now we need to identify willing regional stormwater programs in the Northwest, Chesapeake Bay, East Coast and beyond to collaborate on pilot applications of 2Nform.


The technology peer-review was extremely helpful and informative. 2NDNATUREs mission is to bring science to water resource managers, and supportive technical peers is critical to support this mission. We now hope LIFT can expand 2Nform’s exposure to identify collaboration opportunities across the U.S.
Nicole Beck, PhD