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2021 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge

Fidan Karimova

The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) program, a joint effort of The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), is holding the third annual Intelligent Water...

Kria Ionizer

Technology Spotlight
Michael Mangham

What is your technology? The Kria ionizer, a superoxide generator that injects superoxide into the water column for the remediation of any organic pollutant, will kill any bacteria or virus...

Rigid Seal

Technology Spotlight
James Ridgway

What is your technology? Rigid Seal Technology ( is a trenchless pipe lining system that seals and strengthens failing water lines, sewer lines, storm sewers and process water lines. The...


Technology Spotlight
Alec Pestov

What is your technology? vGIS is the leading augmented reality visualization platform for GIS. Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects...


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