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VCS Denmark

Featured Facility
Per Henrik Nielsen

What new technologies have you been evaluating or implementing? VCS Denmark achieved utility-wide energy neutrality in 2019. The most crucial factor in this remarkable result is the production of energy...


Technology Spotlight
Chris Holcomb

What is your technology? Ecoremedy’s Fluid Lift process integrates proven gasification technology into turnkey auto-thermal sludge drying projects. Whereas pyrolysis occurs in an oxygen-free environment, and incineration occurs in an...


Technology Spotlight
Erik Rehtlane

What is your technology? Eagleridge’s technology called “MicroPoP” enables the destruction of waste activated sludge (WAS) at the wastewater treatment facility where it is produced. MicroPoP breaks down WAS microbes...

LG Sonic

Technology Spotlight
Tristen Gunther

What is your technology? MPC-Buoy controls algae in large water surfaces by using real-time water quality monitoring and remote sensing to analyze current algae and to predict algal blooms. The...