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Technology Spotlight
Erik Rehtlane

What is your technology? Eagleridge’s technology called “MicroPoP” enables the destruction of waste activated sludge (WAS) at the wastewater treatment facility where it is produced. MicroPoP breaks down WAS microbes...

LG Sonic

Technology Spotlight
Tristen Gunther

What is your technology? MPC-Buoy controls algae in large water surfaces by using real-time water quality monitoring and remote sensing to analyze current algae and to predict algal blooms. The...

LIFT Steering Committee Opening

Aaron Fisher

There currently is an opportunity to serve on the LIFT Steering Committee, for a term through 2022. LIFT Steering Committee members serve as advisors to provide oversight and guidance to...


Technology Spotlight

The CalPrex™ system exclusively licensed to CNP by Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling (NRU), is a phosphorus removal and recovery technology with applications in municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater treatment.