Funding Opportunities

Numerous sources offer funding for piloting and demonstrating water technologies. This page aims to collect these opportunities from all sources (federal, state, local, private, or international) into a single digital resource. 

  • Pilot Program

    The collaborative pilot program allows our utility subscribers and technology providers to share the costs and risks involved with exploring new technologies. Utilities with shared interests can collaborate on technology demonstrations and pilots—making technology more accessible and developing credible performance data.

  • Tailored Collaboration Program

    Under the Tailored Collaboration rogram, a utility subscriber or group of subscribers can obtain 1:1 matching funds up to $100,000 for a research idea that they have developed. These ideas may be more specialized or regional in nature than those funded through our other research programs.

  • Water Finance Clearinghouse

    The Water Finance Clearinghouse is an easily navigable web‐based portal to help communities locate information and resources that will assist them in making informed decisions for their drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs. The Clearinghouse provides communities with a searchable database with more than $10 billion in water funding sources and over 550 resources to support local water infrastructure projects.

  • Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program

    IUCRC enables industrially-relevant, pre-competitive research via a multi-member, sustained partnership among industry, academe, and government. NSF supports the development and evolution of IUCRCs, providing a financial and procedural framework for membership and operations in addition to best practices learned over decades of fostering public/private partnerships that provide significant value to the nation, industry, and university faculty and students. 

Add a Funding Opportunity

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