Wildfire Readiness and Response Symposium 2013

Expert Symposium

​This workshop was held April 4, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. The objectives of the workshop were to understand the impacts of wildfire on water quality; identify and characterize strategies that are effective for mitigating or minimizing wildfire impacts; and understand the challenges faced by drinking water utilities after wildfires and solutions that have been effective.

Kenan Ozekin, Water Research Foundation -- Symposium Coordinator


The Lost Creek Wildfire of Southern Alberta, Canada: 10 years, 7 Watersheds and Continued Impacts

Deborah Martin -- Wildfire Effects on Water Supplies: Understanding Impacts on the Quantity and Timing of Post-fire Runoff and Stream Flows

Penny Luehring -- Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Program Overview and Treatment Effectiveness

Tim Sexton -- Wildfire in the United States_Recent History, Context and Trends

Kevin Gertig -- Integration of Emergency Preparedness for the High Park Fire – A Utility Perspective

Dick Fleishman -- Landscape Restoration and Watersheds—the Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Don Kennedy -- After the Wildfires – Permitting and Related Environmental Issues

Fernando Rosario-Ortiz -- Impact of the High Park Fire on Water Quality

Chi Ho Sham -- Mitigating Risks of Wildfire for Drinking Water Systems

Brad Piehl -- Pre- and Post-Fire Watershed Protection - Focusing on Effectiveness