2020 Technology Scan Webcast: Pipes


LIFT Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This month’s Technology Scan webcast will focus on innovative water technologies related to pipes. The following products and systems were featured during the presentation:

InfinitPipe – QuakeWrap
InfinitPipe® allows on-site construction of a pipeline of any size or shape. Glass or carbon fiber reinforced polymer products are utilized to manufacture an economical continuous pipe with virtually no joints. This type of pipe offers a unique solution for conveyance of fluids over long distances, especially in remote locations.

Multi-Sensor Pipeline Inspection System – SewerVue
SewerVUE’s multi-sensor pipeline inspection system employs a combination of 3D LiDAR, sonar, and high-definition CCTV to survey water and wastewater pipes. Analysis of survey data reveals detailed information about ovality and sediment volume, and is used to construct a high-resolution 3D point cloud detailing a pipe’s geometry.

Pipe Penetrating Radar – SewerVue
Pipe penetrating radar (PPR) is a way to assess the condition of non-ferrous pipes. PPR directly maps pipe wall thickness using high-frequency radar antennas deployed from inside the pipe. PPR also detects voids developing outside the pipe wall and measures rebar coverage in reinforced concrete pipe. PPR is typically deployed using a crawler robot, but man entry surveying is also possible.

iPVC is currently manufactured in South Korea by PPI. By altering the PVC additive and manufacturing process, PPI has produced a pipe that substantially exceeds AWWA Standard C900 performance criteria.

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