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Financial support from subscribers provides The Water Research Foundation with the necessary resources to offer a comprehensive research agenda.

1. Determine your subscription type

We offer different subscriptions based on whether you are representing a new or existing utility, consultant, or manufacturer. Determine which of the forms below is appropriate for your organization before continuing.

2. Calculate your fees

Subscriber fees differ depending on the type of subscription: drinking water subscriptions are based on population and flow; wastewater and reuse subscriptions are based on flow; and stormwater subscriptions are based on population.

3. Submit your worksheet & payment

To join The Water Research Foundation or renew your subscription, submit your completed subscription worksheet using one of the four methods below.

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How to Submit your Worksheet

Download the worksheet most appropriate for your organization using one of the links above. You can submit your completed subscription worksheet one of three ways:


Click the "Send" button in the bottom of the document.

Email your worksheet to Patricia Schrader.


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Our subscription is a must have. The Foundation gives us access to research we could never fund alone. It’s also given us a way to broaden our knowledge, and to get exposure to different fields and areas in the water supply community.

Erik Kiefer
North Shore Water Commission


If you have any questions or need assistance with the worksheet or an invoice, please contact our Subscriber Relations Manager, Patricia Schrader.