About Our Innovation Program

Our Innovation Program is a multi-pronged initiative to help bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently. The program provides a seamless pipeline for research outcomes to culminate in the implementation of innovative processes and technologies.

Fostering new water technology, globally

We bring together the best scientific minds and industry specialists to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies. With us, you get access to the following benefits.


Pilot Projects

Facility and industry end users share the cost of conducting demonstrations to accelerate adoption of new technologies.


People and Policy

Benchmarking how individual utilities accomplish the identification of resources and policies needed to implement effective research and development.



In-depth training, education, and outreach designed to promote innovation.


Utility Peer Network

Provides mechanism for technology and R&D managers to share experiences and collaborate on innovation.


In order to achieve this approach, we engage three different participant groups—consisting of industry experts from across the water sector—to identify and vet new technologies and innovations.

Success Stories

Sidestream Deammonification: Denver's Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

HTP: Partnering to Advance Solids Processing and Energy Production

Get to Know Our Team

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