​Great ROI, Value, and Benefits

The Water Research Foundation is the nation’s largest and most well-respected research organization devoted to advancing the science of water. Subscribing organizations benefit in many ways from being partners with WRF.

​1. Financial Return on Your Research Investment
Your money is pooled with other subscribers’ contributions to create the most comprehensive body of research available.
  • Utilities have documented that their benefits exceed subscription costs by 20 to 1.
  • Your participation costs only pennies per customer.
2. Tools to Help Apply Research Findings
You have direct access to scientifically sound research results from more than 1,000 completed projects.
  • Our research provides extensive knowledge and specific recommendations on a variety of topics including energy management, water efficiency, chemicals of emerging concern, climate change, utility finance, disinfection by-products, asset management, microbials and much more.
  • Our relevant research includes case studies that illustrate how your peers have handled the types of technical and management issues you are now facing.
3. First Access to Important Research Findings
Subscribers have free and privileged access to interim and final research reports, case studies, webcasts and special online resources.
  • Our highly-rated interactive webcasts allow you and your staff to learn about new and ongoing research and to ask questions of top researchers and topic experts.
  • Our research reports vary from the highly-technical to resource-rich summaries for immediate application. Reports are typically available to subscribers for three years before they are made available to other audiences.
4. Professional Networking and Best Practice Sharing
Through your organization’s subscription, you and your entire staff have the opportunity to network with more than 950 water utilities, manufacturers and consultants from around the world.
  • Water Research Foundation subscribers in the US provide 80 percent of the nation’s drinking water.
  • By means of live workshops and events, interactive webcasts, and our new online discussion forums, subscribers have the opportunity to share in each other’s innovations and lessons learned – helping to keep you and your staff’s knowledge and expertise up-to-date.
5. Confidence That You Have What You Need When You Need It
First and direct access to our extensive collection of research results and resources gives you the critical information you need to make sound decisions.
  • Through a dynamic and effective partnership with our subscribers, we are able to anticipate the problems that utilities will face now, a decade from now and long into the future.
6. Support and Guidance for Sound Regulation
Our research lays the groundwork for informed and appropriate regulation.
  • Our research is invaluable to water utilities in managing the growing and evolving array of compliance challenges.
  • We have long-established and strong relationships with federal and state regulators that allow for collaboration on projects and the co-development of research agendas.
7. Communication Tools for Your Key Audiences
Our webcasts, electronic communications, reports and periodicals provide guidance and tools to help you communicate effectively with your key audiences.
  • Our new Knowledge Portals are online resource areas that provide synthesized information and communication tools on top industry issues. Each topic-specific portal includes a “Subscriber Toolkit” to help you quickly and effectively gather and share important, time-critical information with your customers, boards, city governments and reporters.
8. Opportunities to Guide the Research Agenda
Subscribers help drive our research agenda to make sure the most critical issues are addressed in the most useful ways possible
  • Volunteer opportunities allow you and others in your organization to contribute to research planning.
  • Subscribers can also participate in our Tailored Collaboration Program to help get your unique research questions answered and extend the value of your research dollars.
  • WRF’s staff is highly engaged with the water research community – granting them timely and expert insight about current and emerging issues of concern.
9. Guidance to Anticipate and Manage Risks 
Our evidence-based research shows you how to make risk management a central part of your organization’s culture.
  • Our forward-looking research agenda helps utilities anticipate and prepare for risks that are apparent today and for those that may emerge tomorrow.
10. Influence the Future of Public Drinking Water
As someone who knows water best, your input on industry concern and research priorities is critical in helping shape the future of water. Your active partnership with the Water Research Foundation shows a strong and clear commitment to advancing the science of water to improve the quality of life.