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Our staff works to ensure that the Water Research Foundation continues to be the preeminent provider of water research solutions.


Job Opportunities:

The following job opportunities are currently available at The Water Research Foundation:

Position: Manager, Communications & Marketing
Location: Denver, Colorado or Alexandria, Virgina
Posted: 07/02/2019

Position: Contracts Assistant
Location: Denver, Colorado
Posted: 06/18/2019

Position: Regional Liaison, California
Location: Remote working arrangement in California
Posted: 06/18/2019

Position: Director of Water Innovation
Location: Denver, Colorado or Alexandria, Virginia
Posted: 06/18/2019

Position: Accounting Specialist
Location: Denver, Colorado
Posted: 05/28/2019

NameJob TitlePhone
John AlbertChief Research Officer(303) 734-3413
Cecilia AlemanMulti-Media Production Assistant(571) 384-2118
Lauren BadenProgram Assistant for Development and LIFT(571) 384-2095
Kristin BennettCoordinator, Subscriber Services(303) 347-6101
Kelsey BeveridgeTechnical Writer(571) 384-2099
Frank BlahaRegional Liaison(303) 347-6244
Caroline BruckSenior Administrative Assistant(303) 347-6118
Christine ConvilleContract Manager(303) 734-3424
Jonathan CuppettResearch Manager(303) 347-6122
Allison DeinesDirector of Special Projects(571) 384-2116
Ashwin DhanasekarResearch Manager(303) 734-3423
Lucy DickhoffExecutive Assistant(303) 347-6110
Michael DirksRegional Liaison(303) 347-6104
Cheri DoughertyGraphic Designer(303) 347-6119
Stephanie FevigResearch Manager(303) 347-6103
Aaron FisherTechnology and Innovation Manager(571) 451-2840
Alice FulmerRegional Liaison(303) 347-6109
Walter GrafProgram Director(571) 384-2102
Alyse GreenbergEditorial Assistant(303) 347-6116
Peter GrevattChief Executive Officer(571) 384-2094
Christopher HarrisDigital Communications Manager(303) 347-6115
Tania HaskinsChief Operating Officer(303) 347-6213
Katie HendersonResearch Manager(303) 347-6108
Maureen HodginsResearch Manager(303) 734-3465
Hyunyoung JangResearch Manager(303) 347-6112
Mary JohnsonProject Accountant(303) 347-6105
Fidan KarimovaWater Technology Collaboration Manager(571) 384-2096
Megan KarklinsContent Manager(303) 347-6129
Djanette KhiariResearch Manager(303) 734-3478
Alex KoehlerSenior Accountant(303) 734-3555
Heidi LyonAdministrative Assistant/Receptionist(571) 384-2100
Earlinda MahoneyAMS Administrator(303) 347-6243
Justin MattinglyResearch Manager(571) 699-0024
Stefani McGregorSenior Research Manager(571) 699-0026
Brenley McKennaSubscriber Services Manager(303) 347-6188
Julie MintonDirector of Strategic Initiatives(571) 699-0023
Jeff MoellerUnit Leader - Research Services(571) 384-2104
Monica MorganProject Coordinator(303) 734-3475
David MorroniLIFT Program Coordinator(571) 384-2103
Lola OlabodeProgram Director(571) 384-2109
Kenan OzekinUnit Leader - Research Services(303) 734-3464
Pamela ProttProject Coordinator(571) 384-2113
Valerie RoundyProject Coordinator(303) 347-6124
Corina SantosProject Coordinator(303) 347-6125
Patricia SchraderSubscriber Relations Manager(303) 347-6128
Steve SidarsMonitoring & Compliance Manager(303) 347-6102
Mary SmithResearch Manager(303) 347-6134
Tamela St. CroixAccounting Specialist(303) 347-6126
Gina StreetIT and Facilities Manager(571) 384-2112
Michelle SuazoCommunications Coordinator(303) 734-3470
Barbara SwartzMulti-Media Production Director(571) 384-2117
Courtney TharpeStrategic Events Manager(571) 384-2107
Kim Van EyzerenAccounting & Grants Compliance Manager(303) 347-6113
Kristan VandenHeuvelResearch Manager(571) 699-0025
Jennifer WarnerRegional Liaison(303) 734-3422
Susan WhiteBusiness Systems Administrator(303) 347-6218
Beate WrightExecutive Director(202) 570-5320
Harry ZhangProgram Director(571) 384-2098
Jian ZhangResearch Manager(303) 347-6114