Since the Water Research Foundation’s founding in 1966, we have funded more than 1,500 drinking water-related projects valued at over $500 million. Additionally, over 20 years ago, WRF began addressing the broadening research needs of our subscribers and the water sector as a whole. Over that time WRF has sponsored over 180 projects, valued at more than $69 million, on wastewater, reuse, desalination, and stormwater.

In 2013, WRF’s Board of Utility Leaders developed a strategic plan to ensure that WRF’s research agenda effectively addressed all areas of One Water, and in 2016, this enhanced focus can be seen through projects addressing the needs of the entire water community.

Here are some examples from the more than 40 projects that WRF funded in 2016, demonstrating WRF’s commitment to address needs relating to drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and reuse:

Well Spring: