Title:Cost-Effective Cr(VI) Residuals Management Strategies
Much of the Cr(VI) research to date has focused on evaluating and understanding the factors influencing the performance of three major technologies – strong base anion (SBA) resin, weak base anion (WBA) resin, and reduction/coagulation/filtration (RCF). However, each of these technologies generates unique waste products with unique handling and disposal challenges. Many times, the limitations and costs associated with waste disposal are the determining factors in the final selection of the Cr(VI) treatment system. This webcast will explore the findings of WRF project #4556, Cost-Effective Cr(VI) Residuals Management Strategies, which evaluated various waste minimization strategies through a mix of bench-scale testing, market surveys, and cost analysis and modeling. These evaluations provide water utilities information needed to select the appropriate waste minimization technique based on their water quality and site conditions.
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Issam Najm, PhD, PE, BCEE, President, Water Quality & Treatment Solutions

Mary Smith, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation
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