Title:Energy Recovery Using In-Line Hydro Turbines
This Webcast discussed WRF project #4447​, Energy Recovery from Pressure-Reducing Valve Stations Using In-Line Hydrokinetic Turbines. This project investigated the use of an in-line hydrokinetic turbine (ILT), or a reverse acting pump, as an energy recovery device operating in parallel to a traditional pressure-reducing valve inside of an existing and tightly pressure-controlled potable water distribution system. 

This Webcast discussed the practical benefits of this innovative technology including the installation and operation of the ILT, as well as the resulting pressure and flow transients and their impact on the water distribution system. The effects on downstream water quality from significant and rapid fluctuations of pressure and flow that result from both normal and upset operating conditions of an ILT will also be discussed. The final report is published and can be found on the website. 
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Mr. Jeffrey Knapp, Halifax Water

Linda Reekie, Water Research Foundation
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