Title:Catchment Management Investment Standard
Catchment managers must operate in an economically regulated environment, where consumer affordability is paramount. In addition, regulators put the burden of proof on the water provider to mitigate water quality risk. This webcast explored the following questions:
  • How can a sound business case be made for investment in catchment management as a water quality “treatment” option, using best practice approaches in triple bottom line cost benefit evaluation?
  • ​​​​How can it be demonstrated, in the geographic context of the catchment under consideration, that mitigation measures can be successfully implemented and water quality improvement achieved?
This webcast discussed key outputs from the joint Water Services Association of Australia and Water Research Foundation project #4570​, Source Catchments as Water Quality Treatment Assets: Industry Best Practices and Triple Bottom Line Cost Evaluation of Catchment Management Practices. The Catchment Management Investment Standard has been prepared to assist water utilities make the case for catchment management for drinking water supply. It was developed in close collaboration with water utilities from both Australia and the United States to enable stronger business cases for catchment management as a viable alternative to more capital intensive (traditional) investments. 
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Cameron Wearing,Principal Policy Officer, SEQWater; Steve Skull,Regional Manager, Alluvium; Jeremy Cheesman,Director, Marsden Jacob Associates

Kathryn Henderson, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation
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