Title:Managing Drought: Learning from Australia
This webcast, hosted by the Alliance for Water Efficiency, discusses WRF project #4640, Managing Drought: Learning from Australia. This recently-published report provides an overview of the key initiatives implemented by Australia's four largest cities during an extended period of extreme drought, and outlines how those measures could help California through its current water crisis. On top of successes in urban water efficiency, other key findings in the report include: 

  • Broad community involvement across sectors – households, business, industry and government – fosters a sense of fairness and collaboration in saving water.
  • ​ Clear, credible communication about the drought situation and response is needed to maximize public participation and support. 
  • Innovative water-pricing mechanisms, not employed during Australia's millennium drought, could be used to incentivize water savings in California. ​
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Mary Ann Dickinson, AWE President and CEO
Dr. Stuart White, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures
Heather Cooley, Water Program Director of the Pacific Institute
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