Title:Webcast: Guidelines for the Use of Stainless Steel in the Water and Desalination Industries
‚ÄčThe misapplication of stainless steel leading to premature corrosion continues to be a costly and common problem. Engineers and owners do not understand how to properly select these materials or specify the appropriate methods to use for their construction. This webcast presented the results of WRF project #4431,Guidelines for the Use of Stainless Steel in the Water and Desalination Industries. It will help viewers understand how to: 1) specify the type of stainless steel used for different applications based upon water quality considerations, 2) specify construction standards that will help extend the useful life of stainless steel materials to a period greater than 20 years, and 3) identify appropriate operating conditions to avoid stainless steel corrosion to the greatest extent possible.
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Thomas Seacord
Carollo Engineers

Erin D Mackey PhD,PE
Brown and Caldwell
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