Title:Webcast: Core Messages for Chromium, Medicines and Personal Care Products, NDMA, and VOCs
This Webcast discussed project #4457, originally titled Core Messages for Priority Contaminants of Emerging Concern. The webcast explained why the researchers changed the title of the report to Core Messages for Chromium, Medicines and Personal Care Products, NDMA, and VOCs. It also highlighted the development of core message or “thinking about” sheets along with an animated video, Protecting Our Drinking Water​ (referred to as the context animation). The webcast explained the best practices for risk communication employed in the work and will explain the focus group research that was conducted to evaluate the effects of the context animation and core message sheets on consumers who had been exposed to r​eal news articles about the four substances. Finally, the webcast highlighted the findings of the work that are applicable to utilities considering communication about the substances of concern.
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Linda Macpherson
New Water ReSources

Tim Sellnow
University of Central Florida

Shane Snyder
University of Arizona

Steven Venette 
University of Southern Mississippi​

Alice Fulmer
Water Research Foundation

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