Title:Webcast: A Snapshot of Water Loss - Examining the Country's Water Audit Submissions
​This Webcast discussed project #4372b, Water Audits in the United States: A Review of Water Losses and Data Validity​, which reviewed the largest collection of water audit data compiled to date. The Webcast reviewed the current status of water loss reporting and North American water loss statistics, including the reliability of the audit submissions, trends in water audit metrics, and areas for improvement in water loss audit requirements. The Webcast also featured a look into the progress of water loss adoption and training in Tennessee and included a brief update from the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee Chair on future activities. 
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Long Description:
Lucy Andrews 
Water Systems Optimization, Inc.

Katherine Gasner 
Water Systems Optimization, Inc.

Chris Leauber
Water & Wastewater Authority of Wilson County

Moderator :
Maureen Hodgins 
Research Manager 
Water Research Foundation
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