Title:Webcast: Remote Sensing for Proactive Watershed Management
​The researchers from APEM developed an approach to combine remote sensing imagery and ground based surveys for watershed management. Their approach was tested in a 2-phase project (#4475 and #4576), co-sponsored by UKWIR and WRF. The researchers begin with readily available imagery from satellites and aerial platforms to identify potential risk in a catchment (watershed), and then focus in on sub-catchment and field scale solutions that require more detailed imagery.

This Webcast will go over the steps involved in this remote sensing approach, including the development of risk maps, targeting of certain areas of interest, and identifying potential sources of pollution. The Webcast will be of interest to water utility watershed managers, environmental program managers, and water quality specialists.
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Peter Stone, PhD, Dave Campbell, Christian Newman and Stuart Clough 
APEM Limited 

​​Katie Henderson 
Research Manager 
Water Research Foundation
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