Title:Webcast: Monitoring and Responding to Nitrification in the Distribution System
Chloramine use is widespread in U.S. drinking water distribution systems as a secondary disinfectant. About 30% of surface water treatment plants currently use chloramines and the percentage of surface water treatment plants using chloramines might rise to as high as 40‒65% in the near future. While beneficial for controlling regulated disinfectant-by-product formation, water utilities using chloramines as a disinfectant are often challenged by nitrification in their distribution systems.  This Webcast will help water utility managers and operators develop nitrification management plans and provide real-world examples from two utilities that have successfully managed nitrification in their distribution systems.

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Kimberly Gupta, PE
Water Quality Engineer
Portland Water Bureau

Thomas Simmons
Director - Water Quality and Environmental Compliance 
Missouri American Water

Steve Hubbs
Independent Consultant
WaterAdvice Associates​

Grace Jang, PhD
Research Manager
Water Research Foundation
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