Title:Webcast: Medium Pressure UV Inactivation of Viruses and Cryptosporidium
This Webcast recapped the research performed under project #4376, Guidance for Implementing Action Spectra Correction with Medium Pressure UV Disinfection. The presentation briefly covered UV dose-response and action spectra that were developed for adenovirus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and commonly used validation microbes. Speakers reviewed methods used to calculate action spectra correction factors (ASCF) including differences in the action spectra of common validation test microbes and regulated pathogens, UV output from the MP lamp, UV transmittance of the quartz sleeve, UV absorbance spectra of the water, and the reactor's lamp configuration. Implementation strategies for applying the ASCFs for regulatory credit were presented. This Webcast will be important for utilities, regulators, consultants, and manufacturers to get up to date on the latest approach to validating MP UV systems.
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Karl Linden, University of Colorado at Boulder
Harold Wright, Carollo Engineers
James Collins, ARCADIS

Hsiao-wen Chen, PhD
Research Manager
Water Research Foundation​
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