Title:Webcast: Drought Webcast Series: Using Cost-Benefit Analyses to Compare Drought Management Practices
​Utilities need reliable data on the potential impacts and costs associated with drought versus mitigation strategies. This Webcast covers WRF 4546 Webinar FINAL.pdf the resu​lts of project #4546, “Drought Management Under a Changing Climate: Using Cost-Benefit Analyses to Assist Drinking Water Utilities.” The research reviewed how a cost-benefit analysis may be used in drought planning and the issues and challenges that drinking water utilities face in implementing drought management practices, including an example cost-benefit analysis for a hypothetical utility. This project was funded under the NOAA Climate Program Office, Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP): Coping with Drought with the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).  The final report is available on the website.


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Presenters: Richard Krop and Nupur Hiremath​, The Cadmus Group, Inc., Luis Generoso, City of San Diego Public Utilities Department​

Moderator: Maureen Hodgins, Water Research Foundation
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