Title:Webcast: Energy and Water Quality Management Systems for Drinking Water Utilities
​An integrated energy and water quality management system (EWQMS) simultaneously optimizes for energy and water quality within water utility’s operational constraints. Historically, such a system has been designed to minimize energy costs, and very little emphasis has been given to investigate its potential to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In project #4271, Optimization of Energy and Water Quality Management Systems for Drinking Water Utilities, an existing EWQMS was modified such that the operations could be improved for cost optimization, energy consumption, or GHG optimization. This Webcast will present (1) the current state-of-knowledge on existing EWQMS projects and practices, (2) the tradeoffs between cost savings and GHG emissions reduction based operations, and (3) a business case for implementing an EWQMS.​
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Dr. Mohammad Badruzzaman
MWH Americas, Inc.​

Simon Bunn

Linda Reekie
Research Manager
Water Research Foundation
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