Title:Webcast: AMR/AMI Standardization for Drinking Water Systems
Standards for the radio transmission of meter readings and data they generate do not exist in the water industry. Furthermore, there is no evidence that typical mechanisms for standardization and interoperability between advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) and automated meter reading (AMR) systems will advance with a push from end users. The Water Research Foundation initiated project #4467, “AMR/AMI Standardization for Drinking Water Systems,” to stimulate a needed change. This Webcast outlines the actions taken during the project to secure utility participation and identify key elements for standardization resulting in draft language as well as communication efforts to foster the standardization effort. This Webcast featured some of the useful language that utilities can use in their upcoming AMI and AMR initiatives and describe the efforts made to maintain the initiative after the project ends.​
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David Hughes, PE
Manager, Water Research
Innovation and Environmental Stewardship
American Water

Isaiah Moss
VP and GM
Khafra Operations LLC

Jian Zhang, PhD
Research Manager
Water Research Foundation
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