Title:Webcast: Institutional Issues for One Water Management
The term, “One Water,” recognizes that water from all sources must be managed holistically and cooperatively to meet social, economic, and environmental needs. As utilities transition to a One Water approach, they may encounter institutional issues related to planning and collaboration, legislation and regulations, economics and finance, culture and capacity, and citizen and stakeholder engagement. Jointly funded by the Water Research Foundation, Water Environment Research Foundation, and Water Research Australia, project #4487​ presents a framework for overcoming these institutional issues and provides case studies to show how utilities have implemented a One Water approach. This Webcast will present the findings from the report and case studies from Clean Water Services in Oregon, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.
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Theresa Connor, Environmental Research Program Director, Water Environment Research Foundation
Carol Howe, Director, ForEvaSolutions 
Paula Kehoe, Manager-Water Resources Planning, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
Mark Poling, Business Operations Department Director, Clean Water Services 

John Whitler, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation
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