Title:Acoustic Signal Processing for Pipe Condition Assessment
This Webcast, based on Project #4360‚Äč, provided an overview of acoustic signal processing for pipe condition assessment. Unique to pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), individual wire breaks create an excitation in the pipe wall that may vary in response to the remaining compression of the pipe core. In non-PCCP, the structural excitation would require an external source acoustic pulse, causing a response indicative of relative pipe wall stiffness. The first part of the Webcast presented an overview of acoustic monitoring technologies for pipe condition monitoring. The second part of the Webcast detailed the experimental environment and intentionally inflicted damage to the pre-stressing wires in three specimens of PCCP.
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Graham Bell, Sr. VP and Department Manager, HDR/Schiff 

Linda Reekie, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation 
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